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Women Waxing

We use only the best quality strip and hot wax for sensitive areas including face, underarms and bikini lines. Come and experience our painless technique.

Eyebrowsfrom $18.00

Eyebrows Shaping or plucking$20.00


Chinfrom $12.00

Full Face (including eyebrow and lip)$50.00



Stomach line$15.00

Full Stomach$25.00

Bikini line waxfrom $20.00

High Bikini$35.00

Brazilian wax$60.00

Brazilian and G-string$70.00

High Bikini + G-string$35.00

G-string & bottoms$45.00

Full arms$33.00

Half arms$25.00

Full legs$45.00

Full legs and bikini$60.00

Full legs and Brazilian$99.00

Half legs and Brazilian$80.00


3/4 legs$35.00

Thigh and bikinifrom $40.00

Half leg$30.00

Half leg and bikini$40.00

Full leg wax + full arm + underarm + brazillian$130.00

Threading (Spa D'or Day Spa Only )

An age old method practiced in India and many Asian countries, that became popular in the US a few years ago. Threading gives a clean and tidy result, as even the tiniest of hair can be removed. It's a simple and straight forward technique that removes even the most stubborn hairs. The procedure is used now by beauty therapists around the world to reshape eyebrows and remove the hair on the upper lip and face. It’s a natural technique using cotton, and is therefore good for sensitive skin.Available by appointment only

Eyebrowfrom $18.00

Lipfrom $12.00

Full face (including eyebrows)$58.00

Men Waxing

Middle of eyebrows$8.00

Cheekfrom $15.00

Backfrom $45.00

Chestfrom $45.00

Back & shouldersfrom $50.00

Full legsfrom $60.00

Half legs$35.00

Full armsfrom $39.00

Half armsfrom $30.00

Underarmsfrom $20.00

Neckfrom $12.00

Full Body (Back, Chest, Full legs & Full arms)from $160.00

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