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Priori Pro Peel
Priori pro peel is a professional skin treatment with intensive moisturising properties that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and photodamage. For maximum skin benefit, a course of 6 Priori pro peels are recommended, as well as a home care programme.

Hydrating mask might be recommended according to different skin types. Unlike conventional skin care systems that only deal with surface problems, Priori skincare with idebenone works to counteract the factors that cause skin to age in the first place.

Priori is the first complete skincare regime designed to deliver the benefits of idebenone at every step - it features non-irritating professional treatments combined with homecare products that provide long-term protection as they address the skin's highest priority needs day in day out.

Priori LCA Peel

Priori's new advanced AHA with LCA Complex represents the latest in AHA scientific breakthroughs combined with recent technological advances in antioxidant research to deliver results with a completitive advantage to other AHA products in the marketplace.

Priori LCA peel _________________$130.00

(This peel is only effective in a course of treatments. Products with glycolic acid must be used at least 2 weeks before the peel. Please check with your therapist for a programme to suit your needs).

Green Peel Treatment
Prices vary upon treatment.

Green Peel is a medically developed biological herbal peel. The compound is a mixture of dried, crushed particles of whole plants and does not contain any synthetic chemicals or abrasives. The treatment is based on a massage with Green Peel herbs which stimulates the circulation. Your complexion will be fresh in colour and finer in texture, gradually removing wrinkles and scars. You will have new skin in 5 days!

1st Green Peel _________________ $150
(including home care products and post treatment ).

2nd Green Peel _________________ $279
(exclusive of home care products)

Post Treatment _________________ $70

Coffeeberry Peel _____$70.00_____Facial_____.60mins $130.00
Prior's first natural powerful antioxidant treatment line that helps to illuminate, brighten and renew your skin. With three times more antioxidant than green tea, Coffeeberry is sure to deliver freshness to your skin.


Priori Idebenone Peel

Priori Idebenone is bioengineered skin care treatment line that goes above and beyond to deliver the benefits of the most powerful antioxidants idebenone. Giving your skin radiance, softness, luminosity.

Priori Idebenone peel _________________$130.00


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